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Prices below reflect web-only discounts. Please mention

Promo Code "Heal 2018"
when registering for treatment to receive reduced-fee.


Empowerment-Training/Counseling: $130 - 395   (Up to 50 or 110 Minutes)
           See Below for No-Needles Acupuncture

First Session: (Choose 1)

- 150   Intake (Up to 50 minutes)
- 240   Intake, Immediately Followed with Behavioral-Acupuncture Session ($30.00 Savings; Up to 1 Hour & 40 Minutes)
- 259   Intake, Immediately Followed with Behavioral-Acupuncture Session and Stay-In-Place AcuPebbles ($30.00 Savings; Up to 1 Hour & 45 Minutes). Strongly recommended for your first Session.



Continuing Sessions:

- 140   Empowerment-Training/Counseling (Up to 50 Minutes)

- 130   Per Session, within PreRegistered  Course of 10 Sessions
- 230   Empowerment-Training/Counseling, Immediately Followed with Behavioral-Acupuncture Session ($30.00 Savings; Up to 1 Hour and 40 Minutes)
- 249   Empowerment-Training/Counseling, Immediately Followed with Behavioral-Acupuncture Session and Stay-In-Place AcuPebbles ($30.00 Savings; Up to 1 Hour and 45 Minutes)
-    35   Extended Time, As Available, Per Quarter-Hour
-    45   Administrative Time (Recap/HSA Statements, etc.), Per Quarter-Hour

- 395   Medical Necessity Referral Letter Session  (Up to 50 Minutes)

At your Session, you may request documentation to submit to your insurance provider; depending on your plan, you'll recieve reimbursement (minus your portion).


No-Needles Acupuncture: $90 - 120   (Up to 50 Minutes)

- 120:  Holistic Acupuncture Session, Stand-Alone Appointment, 10 Fiber Placements for Behavioral and/or Somatic Concerns
-   90:  Session Immediately Following Empowerment-Training/Counseling


These Holistic Sessions Include:
1) Basic Consultation
2) Detoxification/Relaxation Herbalism Infusion Beverage
3) Cranial-Stimulation MicroSystem Treatment

4) No-Needles Acupuncture Treatment, Up to 10 Meridians

For Clients who are unable or uninterested in receiving a particular type of treatment which is included in the above combinations, opting out of certain included treatments is fine, and does not affect pricing.



Private, Semi-Private, Couple, or Group Sessions Available: Up to 12 Clients may pre-arrange to receive Holistic Treatment together. Fees vary based on type of treatment received.


Stay-In-Place AcuPebbles Treatment: $10 - 20, Added to Any Session

Depending upon your individual needs, the Clinician will select from Surgical Stainless Steel, Solid Gold, Sterling Silver, or Titanium Stay-In-Place AcuPebbles, affixed to latex-free medical tape. These are applied to meridians (energy points, not "pressure points".) She will teach you the 4 styles of pressure-application, stimulating the healing. Once you leave the office, you will apply pressure intermittently until the Pebbles release on their own. They will stay on 1 to 7 days, for you to continue your own Holistic Self-Care.

This Treatment is available as an expansion to the above-described Sessions, and is not available to schedule as a stand-alone appointment.

Modality Instruction: $140 (Up to 50 Minutes)

Choose from any 1 of the following Selections:
1. AcuPoint Tapping Session: Includes a Take-Home Guide
2. Seated "AnyPlace" Yoga Instruction
3. Herbalism: Includes a 1-Week Take-Home Infusion Supply, with Comprehensive Instructions
 4. Nutrition Consultation
 5. Meditation/Mind-Training Instruction


Additional Documentation: $45 per Quarter-Hour

We are unable to send your receipt electronically; it is your responsibility to retain the paperwork. If you require a replacement, you may submit a one-time, no-charge request by sending a S.A.S.E. to the office: 812 S. Garfield Ave., Traverse City MI 49686. We do not offer complimentary year-end summaries; please self-track your Oasis Health activity if you require that information. If you are unable to do so, you may request Documentation Services at the rate of $45.00 per quarter-hour. We will provide you with expense records within no more than 2 weeks of your request.


Business Consulting: $300:     Up to 50 Minutes
Learn how to make your workplace safe for diverse expression, and increase job satisfaction. Sessions are conducted at our office.

Regarding consulting on business-model selection, policy design, and operations-structuring for small businesses, select Clients will be accepted for consultations. Please email resume, business plan, and letter of intent.



 - SAVE $30.00: Schedule a Holistic Acupuncture or Modality/Nutrition Session to immediately follow your Intake or Empowerment-Training/Counseling Session.

- When you refer a new Client, you will receive a free 1-week supply of Herbalism Infusion. Certain specifics apply.

Insurance: Out-Of-Network Reimbursement.
Debit or Credit cards, HSA, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, and yes, even Diners Club. Money Orders prior to Sessions or cash at Sessions. No checks.

Call or Text (231) 944-8200 24/7, or email us via the Contact Tab, above, or at info@OasisHealth.Biz.
Rates reflect paperless processing. Terms are subject to change.