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Can you name this condition?

A potentially fatal disease which affects 1 in 10 children.

A disease which directly affects 1 in 3 households.

A disease whose cause is 50% genetic.

A disease involving chemical brain damage.

A disease whose symptoms are frequently handled by law enforcement staff without health care training.

A disease often addressed by a memoir-based program, rather than scientific research.

A disease complicated by mis-information and missing information.

It’s the disease of chemical dependence.

     Perhaps you’re a young parent, seeking preventative information. Perhaps you’re concerned about (or frustrated by) a neighbor or co-worker. If your world is directly impacted by someone else’s use of substances, or even compulsions such as gambling, shopping, computer gaming, or intimacy-seeking, then the series "Someone Else's Substance Use" can reshape your future and your emotional health.

     Make no mistake: Alcohol is a DRUG. Nicotine is a DRUG. There is no such thing as alcohol OR drugs . . . it's alcohol or OTHER drugs. The brain does not distinguish between legal or prescription or illicit. A drug is a Drug is a DRUG to the brain.

      Not everyone will be a good fit for this intense education. At your first visit, we'll determine whether or not this approach is compatible with your needs. Then, if we agree that you're in a safe space to take this on, we'll get you registered for the course, which is 5 Private Modules, 50 minutes each.

     This one-to-one, confidential course consistently generates healing in the lives of participants. You will be equipped with state-of-the-science information, and real-life solutions. Please note: These are not Counseling Sessions; this is coursework, although Module 5 is personalized. We strongly suggest scheduling Counseling in conjunction with the Course. From an emotional standpoint, S.U.D.* is highly "contagious". (*S.U.D.: Substance Use Disorder.)

     Your action on this has started…CONGRATULATIONS. Find out just how “not alone” you are. Call me today at (231) 259-5649. We probably have a lot in common.

The Course

No portion of this content my be reproduced without written permission by Clinical Stress Relief LLC.

Module 1:
"Chemical Dependence: What It Is; What It Isn't”

Module 2:
"Clinical Stages Of Change With Chemical Dependence"

Module 3:
"Rescuing: How To Spot It; How To Stop It"

Module 4:
"A New Language For Peace of Mind"

Module 5:
"Putting It All Together: Applying This Knowledge To Your Situation"

Many participants choose to attend the Module as part of a Complete session, wherein the Module-segment is followed by a Modalites segment (see Treatments tab, above), which saves you $30. Modules must be completed in order. Please be prepared to take notes (absolutely no recording devices permitted). Once completed, any Module may be repeated, either during your movement through the Course, or following your completion of Module 5.

About Your Clinician
All sessions are conducted by Jules Yuan Shellby, National Board-Certified Counselor, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), lead Clinician and Owner of Clinical Stress Relief LLC.

Ms. Shellby has worked in the health care field since 1982, and the field of substance treatment since 2006. She is a former Therapist with Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City at Dakoske Hall’s Residential Program. Both of her Masters’ programs were completed at Western Michigan University: she holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and an additional Master’s Certificate in Substance Use Treatment.

Jules Yuan is a Certified SMART Recovery Facilitator, with years of pro bono service to Northwestern Michigan Substance Abuse Services. She worked as a Counselor/Advocate at The Women’s Resource Center of Traverse City, assisting people experiencing violence in the home and/or by a partner, usually involving substance misuse on the part of the perpetrator.

The Cinical Stress Relief S.E.S.U. (Someone Else's Substance Use) Series is offered in honor of a family member who ended their own life following years of misery, struggling with the disease of chemical brain damage from childhood substance use.