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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Where are you located?

To protect our Client's privacy, we provide our actual address only to individuals who have Registered for treatment. Our office is in one of Traverse City's Garfield Avenue office complexes. There is no elevator; please let us know if you need a house-call* instead. [*Additional fees apply for house-calls.]


Q2: Does it hurt? 

Oasis Health offers Specialized Acupuncture, using filaments that are so fine, they are difficult to even see, and which would not be described as actual needles. Just imagine a mosquito bite from a robust mosquito. When the fibers are placed, there’s a quick sensation, only enough to cause the brain to release endorphins, one of the body’s primary natural feel-good/pain-fighting chemicals . . . creating an immediate sense of wellbeing. Almost no one describes it as painful. Jules is a "minimalist", and uses flexible fibers that are only slightly more than a human hair in gauge, like a thread made of metal. The placement is only far enough below the skin in so that they don’t fall out. This is not at all like an "injection"; there’s not much to feel. It’s LESS painful than pulling a hair from your scalp in nearly all cases. If one of the meridians is bothersome, your Practitioner can remove it and either reposition it or leave it out, if you choose. Feel free to ask for a trial treatment of just one point before deciding whether or not to move on to a full treatment, or request that the filaments are not shown to you.

Q3: Do you reuse the fibers?

Never ever. They are factory-sealed and opened in front of you.

Q4: How long before I can tell that it worked?

For the treatment of acute conditions (which have lasted less  than 2 weeks), results are more dramatic compared to the treatment of conditions which have lasted over 2 weeks. For progressive conditions, the effectiveness may be seen in a halting of the worsening of the symptoms. Only 10% of neurological function involves the 5 senses and thought, so attempting to rely on that 10% is an unsound approach. Some subtle changes "from the inside-out" may be noticed within days of treatment. You may also notice changes "from the outside-in," with symptoms fading, perhaps immediately, or within a week or so. These methods are not like a steroid injection, where you walk out of the office saying, "Great! My suffering has vanished!" It's probably more like vitamin D, similar to noticing the sun starting to come out. Your Clinician will assist you in building the mind-body connection that allows you to see how the sessions have helped. You will get out of it what you put into it . . . more about that at your session.

Q5: What is an Herbalism Infusion?

When water is infused with pharmacopeia-quality herbal blends, it is known as a medicinal infusion. Some people use the term tisane, which is a culinary term, not a clinical term. Or you might just call it tea, however there are no components of the actual tea plant in an herbalism infusion, so it is  entirely free of caffeine rather than being "de-caffeinated", since it never had any caffeine to start with. It's a concentrated, medicinal beverage.

Q6: I'm dubious about hypnotherapy...I don't want someone in my head.

With Clinical Hypnotherapy, you are not passively "hypnotized"; you actually hypnotize yourself with the Therapist's guidance. It's entirely different than "Stage Hypnosis for Entertainment". You'll remain fully aware of your surroundings the entire time, and will not  be in a "trance" (although some Therapists do use that term, the popular definition is different than the clinical definition). Around the world, people regularly use self-hypnosis instead of anesthesia for surgery. You stay in complete control the whole time. It's a 6-part process:

1) You explain your goal, and the Therapist selects an Empirically Validated Script from dozens of Evidence-Based monologues which fit that goal. CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY IS A SKILL . . . you MUST work at focusing during treatment, so that you can repeat the process for yourself later. This is not a passive experience of something that's done TO you.

2) Using Guided Visualization, the Therapist assists you in reaching an internal focus & deep level of relaxation, where your unconscious is highly suggestible. You will still know exactly where you are, and will be in full control.

3) The Therapist will walk you through "deconstructing" the problematic old thinking pattern.

4) She will then detail the new, healthy thinking patterns that you chose.

5) She will describe a post-hypnotic suggestion that will trigger your unconscious to recall your intention as you move into your future, liberated from the inaccurate, unnecessary habitual thoughts.

6) Finally, the Therapist will gently shift your awareness back to a full focus on your external surroundings.


Q7: During acupuncture, should I visualize something? Should I meditate? How can I maximize the experience?

Be a “Camera-less Tourist” . . . simply observe the experience, without effort or expectation. Receive and absorb the treatment, rather than directing it. This is a yin-balancing, or receptive, treatment. Forego the expressive side, and simply be here now. Simple — yet not necessarily easy to do. Enjoy the freedom from “The Shoulds.” The meridians (energy channels) know how to do their job when they’re stimulated with the fibers. There may be street or hallway or office noise. Your chair may get touched. Your stomach may growl or you may get the hiccups. These treatments allow the body and mind to do what they have the wisdom to do, with or without a “spa” environment and experience.

Q8: Should I take it easy following the treatment? Should I avoid eating or alcohol?

You may be invigorated, so no need to take it easy. Give your body fuel when it indicates needing it, and don't be surprised when you naturally lose interest in toxins such as refined foods, alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs! The body-mind connection you'll be supporting is wise. 

Q9: How exactly does it work? Why do I feel so good after acupuncture?

Oasis Health does not offer Acupuncture theory training, only practical treatment. Some basic information may assist you in conceptualizing your sessions, such as the fact that Acupuncture causes the release of endorphins, and dilates blood-flow channels. Asian medicine does not separate the body from the mind in the treatment of gaps in wellbeing. Symptoms are considered good information, and are not suppressed. As such, it's challenging to explain Acupuncture in "modern" terms. Qi (“Chi”) is life-force energy which flows through the body, and can become blocked, stagnant, or depleted, to name just a few issues. Acupuncture is an energy modality which stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. You are encouraged to adopt the "ancient" paradigm of refraining from overthinking the process, which is a yang behavior that can impede the yin-balancing properties of acupuncture.

Q10: What is a "Dual Relationship"?

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Practitioner, Jules Yuan Shellby/Oasis Health For Mood & Body, LLC is a Member in Good Standing with the American Counseling Association ("ACA"), and maintains strict compliance with the ACA Code of Ethics regarding not undertaking “dual relationships”, defined as providing Counseling services to individuals with whom Ms. Shellby has a non-clinical relationship, or "outside relationship", including social, professional, and filial. As such, when treating individuals with whom Jules interacts away from Oasis Health, she offers only treatments which do not involve Counseling or Hypnotherapy. Personal information collected from "outside relationship" individuals must be limited to the Client Information paperwork (please see First Time Clients tab, above, and click on the Consent button in the center of the page.) People who fall under this category may receive all Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") and Holistic treatments.

Q11: Why can't I be Facebook Friends with Jules?

The American Counseling Association (ACA), of which Jules is a Member, has determined that it is a violation of Client Confidentiality for Counselors to be FB Friends with Clients, lest someone would see that you're Friends and assume that you know the Counselor through your clinical relationship. While some (including us) believe that it's going overboard, we'd rather err on the side of protecting you, and we don't et consulted by the ACA regarding ethics, we simply comply. Please consider Liking our professional page if you still choose to connect with us on Facebook, and thank you for understanding.