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Why Choose Oasis Health?

The Greater Grand Traverse Region is home to a wide range of qualified Clinicians and Holistic Practitioners. So, why would you choose us?

The answer is simple: Experience and Effectiveness.

Our Clinician, Jules Yuan Shellby began her professional work in the field of wellness in 1982, having started the journey of natural health in 1971 when she was introduced to Yoga. She continues to live an intentional life with a daily 4-hour personal practice regimen, which includes a wide range of modalities. She was clinically obese from childhood into her 30s, and is a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member. Sessions are colored by her own rising to the ongoing challenges of self-actualization.

Ms. Shellby is a National Board Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Acupuncture Specialist. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Western Michigan University in Traverse City, a Master's Certificate in Substance Treatment, also from WMU-TC, is a Registered Yoga Teacher, holds a Hypnotherapist Certificate, is a Hospice provider, brain injury expert, and combat PTSD Specialist with The Center for Deployment Psychology, Washington, D.C., is a member of the Michigan Counselors Association, Traverse City Chamber of Commerce, an Oryana Community Partner, and a Board Member of the Licensed Professional Counselors of Northern Michigan from 2014 to 2018. She has had the privilege of working with thousands of clients in Colorado & Michigan since 1982. Treatments continue to evolve as clients achieve success with their intentions, utilizing the guidance and treatment provided by Oasis Health (originally known as The Art of Wellness) state-of-the science modalities.

Clients are asked to agree to refrain from commenting in the office on politics, religion, and mysticism. With that in mind, Jules' style of practice is informed by her having become a Zen Buddhist in 1980; she is an Ordained Dharmachari in Thich Nhat Hanh’s [“Peace is Every Step”] Order of Interbeing, which teaches that Zen is a practice, not a religion. She and her daughter lived in the world-renowned Shoshone Yoga ashram in Colorado in 2006. She also happens to have one mind-blowing collection of shoes and handbags, so don't expect a monastic vibe.

We have just one clinician/practitioner; however, you may interact with our Communications Director. Our serene location provides a transcendent Asian environment, where you’ll feel that you’ve been transported to a tranquil oasis. You'll have privacy, comforting recliners, and abundant natural light while you sip your herbal infusion.

We are interlinked with many other practitioners in the area who specialize in different areas than are included in our scope of practice, and will gladly refer clients to them when the circumstances call for treatment by a different office. The community of natural healing professionals in Traverse City is committed to your best interests.

Regarding Gender Services and support for Trans Individuals and "SOFFA", Jules is:
- WPATH Member: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health
- Transgender, Field Coordinator and Support Group Leader of North Michigan
- University of Michigan Comprehensive Gender Services Program, Referral-Listed
- Traverse City TranWellness Meetup Founder/Leader/Organizer
- Monthly Contributor, National Center for Transgender Equality
- Human Rights Campaign, Partner-Level Member
- Annual Transgender Health Fair Exhibitor, Affirmations LGBTQ+ Center, Detroit-Metro Area
- Involved in the Transgender Community in Michigan and Colorado Since 1977
- University of Colorado Gender Studies Program
- Up North Pride Advocate/Participant

We couldn't be happier that you’ve discovered Oasis Health For Mood & Body, LLC. Let us know how we can assist you with YOUR next step to self-actualization and relief from procrastination. Phone (231) 944-8200 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days or week, or text absolutely anytime.