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We Are Now Clinical Stress Relief LLC . . . Welcome!

Art of Wellness Come on in

The Physicians' Choice for State-of-Mind Skills and Lifestyle Change Support

Harness Your Mind and Body's Natural Power to Self-Heal,

Using Thought-Health Training and Specialized Acupuncture 

Weekday and Weekend Appointments Available


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You're successful . . . so why the chronic or toxic stress, insomnia, excess weight, or unmanageable pain? Suffering alone isn't strength; you don't have to live this way. New, holistic strategies for coping effectively, such as Mind Training or Hypnotherapy, may be the breath of fresh air you've been seeking.

Don't be the person who says "I wish I had tried this sooner."
We are currently accepting new clients on a very limited basis; please phone (231) 259-5649 for details.

Abundant research shows that Specialized Acupuncture is powerfully effective for weight loss and mood stability, as well as insomnia and pain management. Feeling stuck? Conflicted? Frustrated by someone? Trouble getting enough rest? Gained weight? Come explore strategies for coping skillfully. Even world-class musicians and athletes regularly seek feedback from professionals. Learn new approaches to easing tension, supporting satisfying rest, or sustaining a healthy body size, and learn to change your mood-pattern or communication skill level.

           From S. G., Old Mission Peninsula: "I used to get a massage every two weeks. Now, I get this kind of acupuncture every two weeks; I leave feeling loosened up like I got a massage, but it's even more relaxing, and that feeling lasts longer." We hear comments like this regularly.

Chances are that "whole-self" counseling is very different than what you anticipate . . . you'll actually receive private empowering training, using methodical, evidence-based techniques that you can put into practice before you even leave your first session -- no need to recite your life history. You will not be asked invasive questions. You retain full control of your privacy.

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Dissolve Your Stress.

Call  for your  Strategizing Consultation...
...Isn't it time you explored a sustainable, realistic approach?

  • Methodical Empowerment Training and Self-Care for Your Mind, Including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Effective, Sustained Weight Control/Weight Loss
  • Restful Sleep
  • Relief from Depression, Anxiety, and the Effects of Trauma and "A.C.E.s": Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Transition Support, Including Medical Necessity Referral Letters for Hormones and Surgery
  • Pain Management Using Progressive, Holistic Methods, Including for CRPS/RSD
  • HPRP Support and Stress-Management from Someone Else's Substance Use
  • Informed Support for #MeToo Survivors and Various PTSD Forms/Intrusive Thoughts
  • Guidance With Paleo, Ketogenic, Gluten-Free, L-GIT, Intermittent Fasting ("IM"), Vegan, and Shreds
  • Epigenetic Health and T.I.L.T. Support

    ...And numerous other types of support. Please see the First Time Clients page for an extended list of specialties.



For more information, phone 7 days a week, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (until 5 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays):
Your interest is sincerely  appreciated.