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"Dysphoria (dys·pho·ri·a), n.: An emotional state marked by anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, restlessness." We specialize in Body Dysphoria Support for adults, RIGOROUSLY PROTECTING YOUR CONFIDENTIALITY. Wish you had a different body, shape, or birth-gender? Feeling stuck? Frustrated by someone? Sleep problems? Gained weight? You DON'T have to live this way. As a member of WPATH (The World Professional Association for Transgender Health), we are experts in helping you find resources. Let's sit down privately & talk. Together, we'll explore Directed Mindfulness or C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), providing real-life, straight-forward tools to use NOW, bringing lasting change. Behavioral Acupuncture filaments can help coping mechanisms that bring problems. 


Transformation Time!

Thanks for your patience as we transition our name from "The Art of Wellness" to
Oasis Health For Mood & Body, and
Acupuncture Traverse. 
Stay tuned as our website undergoes the clarification!


NEW! We're so excited . . .
Announcing our New Arrival:

"AnyPlace Yoga" Sessions!

In keeping with our specialization in Asian Healing Modalities, we've expanded our treatments selection to include "AnyPlace Yoga". This is classic, Hatha-Style Yoga, the original style of Yoga, from which all other styles of Yoga are derived. Taught by a Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). All movements are done seated or standing; no mat needed, and street-clothing is fine, allowing you to incorporate these stretches into your daily activities while at a stop-light, at your desk, washing dishes, walking, in a wheelchair, or standing in line. Excellent for busy folks; extraordinary for people with physical challenges, whether temporary or long-term.

Private; $68: 45 Minutes (You may convert this to a Couples or Group Session)
   SAVE $20.00 
TGIF Special, Fridays Only: $48
   SAVE $100.00 PunchCard: Prepurchase 6 Sessions: $240, on any day you'd like for the TGIF rate.

Sessions must be redeemed no more than 30 days apart. Sorry, NO REFUNDS ON UNUSED SESSIONS.

Dissolve Your Stress.

Call (231) 944-8200 now  for your  Strategizing Consultation...
...Isn't it time you explored a sustainable, realistic approach?

  • Transition Support, Including Medical Necessity Referral Letters for Hormones and Surgery
  • Weight Control
  • Restful Sleep
  • Relief from Depression and Anxiety
  • Pain Management
  • Easing of Stress From Someone Else's Substance Use
    ...And numerous other supports for individuals age 18 or older. Please see the First Time Clients page for an extended list of specialties.

Oasis Health For Mood & Body, Garfield Courts Professional Complex, 812 S. Garfield Avenue, Traverse City. (Next to TAAR: Traverse Area Realtors.) By appointment only.

For more information, text or phone  7 days a week, 9a.m. to 9p.m.: (231) 944-8200
Your interest is sincerely  appreciated.